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About Us



We welcome you to come in and shop or just come in and check out what new items we have out   we love to get to know people  or to  just catch up on some good old times.  We are a family Store, and we love people We believe in treating people like we would want to be treated if you buy a product and it does not work we will give you a store credit  or in some case's a refund  We believe that if you are treated fairly you will be a return customer our prices are as low as we can possibly price them so that we can give our customers the best deals around so that you can shop at home instead of going out of town to shop we have name brands, and the very best products  in some cases that can only be gotten in Nashville, like, Lucky Jeans, we have rugs, at the very lowest price


Come check out our store and get to know our family


We put our faith and trust in God, because he has blessed our family so much, Linda is a cancer survivor, our brother Larry is a Polio survivor, Landon had a spot on the brain, a heart attack, and blood clots,  our nephew Scott over dosed and the doctors gave him no hope of living and if he did he would be a veg. the rest of his life but because of prayer and God he lives today, our father was saved before he died as I have said we count our family as blessed  We lost our brother Landon last year to heart attack but we still trust in the Lord we feel that he knows best or more than we do